Wedding Cake – Red Velvet

Thank you to my lovely friend who recommended me to her friend who was getting married!

A couple of weeks ago, I made my first wedding cake. I had met up with the bride who wanted a very simple cake, and enough to feed 150 people for afternoon tea. I am very thankful that she was a unfussy bride and that I was able to produce what she wanted. I’d never done anything on this scale before (I took two days off work to make sure I could manage it). I am also thankful for the use of the church kitchen – it turned out I really needed the fridge space!

All up, I made a 7 inch three layer cutting/photo cake, and three 12×12 inch kitchen slab cakes, all red velvet with cream cheese and mascarpone frosting.






I didn’t go to the wedding, but I got lots of great feedback from people I knew there. The bride wants to recommend me to someone else!


Cheerleading Themed Cake

One of my friends is turning 16, and her mum asked me to make her cake (up until I arrived at her house, she didn’t think she was getting one). She loves cheerleading; I wasn’t game to try and make a little cheerleader out of fondant, so here I what I came up with…






Red velvet cake with cream cheese frosting.

Fondant toppers with glitter (who ever died from eating a little bit of glitter?), and paper (don’t eat the paper). 16, pom poms, and A for Ashleigh flags.

It matched their colour scheme perfectly.

Happy Birthday Ash!