Back on track

Three months ago, I joined a gym. Three months ago, I went to the gym. Three days ago, I went again.

Here are some reasons I didn’t go in between:

  • Too tired after work
  • My lower back hasn’t been strong enough
  • I wasn’t wearing the right socks
  • I didn’t have a padlock for the lockers
  • I couldn’t find parking
  • Have to do something more pressing, so don’t have time
  • I just ate cake
  • Dana (my cat) needs me

All terrible excuses. I know this. I knew this at the time of each excuse.

But, I went again. And my husband persuaded me to go on some walking tracks with him in the National park (I have to get fit so we can climb a mountain in Tasmania in October).

Three weeks ago, the weather was miserable, which made me miserable, and for the first couple of kilometres all I could think about was how cold it was. But I ended up enjoying it and being happy that I struggled less than I thought I would.







Today the weather was lovely, and the walk was a much easier one.







P1000679I’ve already noticed the difference in my mood and body that recent progress has been a good thing. I’m optimistic.




I really like Pinterest. I feel like every time I talk to someone about it, I’m trying to convert them. I also know to warn people when I talk about it because it is highly addictive. Don’t join unless you have a lot of spare time (or don’t mind using all of your spare time on this) and have a big download limit!

If you’ve not heard of Pinterest, it’s a website (or app) where you “pin” things that are ‘interesting’ (P+interest=Pinterest). It’s a place where you can collect ideas and inspiration (e.g. hobbies, diy, inspirational quotes, images, fitness and health ideas, etc). You can check out my boards here. There is also a link on the right (the red ‘P’).

Plenty of people pin things and never look at them again. Not me. I quite enjoy going back over my pins (and sorting them) and attempting the ideas in them. I’m thinking of sharing them with you here. There are plenty of sites where people share or collate Pinterest ‘fails’. That may sometimes be me. Not always. But I love Pinterest because it suits my personality. I thrive on having a project (especially if it’s not compulsory). And I have thousands of hobbies, so there is always something to try, even if I’m not in the mood for certain hobbies.

Here is the pin I’m working on at the moment (click on the picture to go to the website, though I’m only using the image – I looked briefly at the site and I don’t think my squats go that low):


I’m on day 2. I don’t do exercise. I’m proud of myself if I take a client for a half hour slow stroll. I’ve been for one run since August (which is when I cancelled my gym membership).  So, maybe if I’m just focusing on one thing, I may have success. And I also realised that day 1 (50 squats) would literally take a minute. So the “I don’t have time” excuse won’t work. This is the first ‘health/fitness’ pin I’ve decided to actually have a go at, so let’s see how I go.

Anybody else addicted to Pinterest? What are your current projects?

Goodbye Quiet Season

For a few months, I felt like I had heaps of free time. I was knitting, reading and baking a lot more. It was a nice change after such a busy period (for about three years).

So I decided I needed to fill my time so that I would be forced to use it better. I joined a gym, and was going three times a week. I started studying an online course. I picked up a ministry for the second half of the year. I applied for an internal position at work.

And I started to get a bit anxious and downcast. Am I really good enough to do the job I applied for? When will I have time to do some volunteer work for this new course, so that I have experience to apply for jobs when I finish? How long can I commit to this extra ministry? How long until my gym contract runs out?

God has been very kind in giving me extra time and changing the way I think so that I have a more positive outlook. He’s given me some small achievements to keep me motivated.

And today he’s given me a client to work with who is like me: likes peace and quiet and sitting in the sun, and likes structure. So as he enjoys the trampoline, I have time to think.


The fog is clearing


I’ve been a bit silent in Blog land lately, not from a lack of things to say, but because the things I want to write about and comment on aren’t the kinds of things you proclaim on the Internet.  I’ve been frustrated or disappointed about a few things lately, I’ve been confused, and I’ve been very tired and not always sleeping well.

But I’ve been making decisions and taking action, so at least I’m less confused.  And I joined a gym, so I’m tired in a good way and am sleeping through the night. And maybe I’ll just wait a bit longer before commenting on some disappointing things, because I don’t want to seem like I’m judging anyone, but think it’s important to be able to talk about certain issues.

There are a few things I’d love to write about, too, but it’s going to take a bit more reading and thinking before it makes sense (themes in the Bible I want to investigate).

So hopefully in the next few weeks I’ll have something to say that is helpful for building people up.

Take care

Every now and then I get to a point where I realise how important it is to take regular care of myself. I’m good at making excuses, e.g. I’m too busy, I’m too sore, it’s too cold. I think everyone is, particularly those who are involved in a lot of ministries. We convince ourselves that it is selfish to spend time going for a run, sitting and doing nothing, taking a day off, sleeping in.

But God tells us to rest. Even though the command to observe the Sabbath rest was given in the Old Testament (and I’m pretty sure no one still practices the consequences of killing those who disobey), I’m pretty sure it’s still a command that Christians would be wise and obedient to follow. I’m not quite sure what the Sabbath rest is meant to look like (I’m pretty sure it’s meant to be devoted to the Lord – does this mean we should spend the whole day praying and reading our bibles?)

But I’m slowly learning what is restful for me, even apart from a “Sabbath” day. I’ve worked out that resting does not include spending hours on the internet (so I suppose right now I’m not resting). It may include spending time with friends, though I think I need to limit it to one or two engagements on a weekend, and every three or four weeks it’s helpful to not have anything on. Ally time may include reading, sitting outside in the sun, being crafty, cooking, spending a few extra hours in my pyjamas, soaking in a hot bath.

When I don’t get this time to myself, and particularly when I’m not looking after my physical well-being, the feeling of general weariness slowly increases until I am not so able to cope with seeing people or meeting my responsibilities, which in turn makes me upset and guilty, and makes me more tired and unable to do things. And it doesn’t help my godliness.

Then there’s working out how to manage my responsibilities. Some things I’ve committed to are harder than others and I am torn between continuing for the sake of encouraging others, or stepping back for the sake of serving by not being my unhelpful self when I’m tired and grumpy, but at the cost of relationships.

Right now I’m tossing up between doing my evening pilates exercises, or just going to sleep. I am warm in by bed and very tired, but I have a feeling that pilates will help me sleep better and make tomorrow a better day. Starting is the hardest part.

Thank you, Lord

I had a bit of a rough afternoon and was very tempted to blog about it (I spent most of the evening pondering how I’d write it) but decided that it wouldn’t be godly. So, instead, it seemed best to practice thankfulness, both for its own sake and to put away some negative emotions.

Things I can be thankful for this week:

  • that I am well – I came down with a cold on Anzac day, but it only lasted a couple of days. Considering how many people have been knocked out with the flu lately, I got off easy.
  • for time outside – today we took two blind clients to a dog shelter in North Sydney; I’ve been appreciating the Australian bush a lot more lately, after reading a book called Secret River by (highly recommended). I wish I could spend more time in direct sunlight, but I burn too easily.
  • for my parents – particularly my dad, whom I gained even more respect for today and am even more thankful for how hard he works for others and how forgiving he is.
  • that my parents are away for a few days – it gives me a chance to be a bit domestic (and look forward to an aspect of marriage that I expect will lose it’s novelty soon enough. The photo below is what happens every time my parents go away – things get cleaned) and means the house is considerably quieter. I can watch the TV Jeh and I are lending them and can work in more rooms of the house.
  • a night off – I needed it after today. Baked goods, tea and Castle. These cupcakes worked far better than the latest banana cake and Anzac cookie attempts.

Aiming for Christmas miracle #2

I’ve been prepping my nan to come over for Christmas lunch. She lives on the third floor in her unit that she’s lived in for 40 years (she doesn’t want to leave) and is too old and frail to do too much. Last Christmas is the only time she had been out of her unit in two and a half years (my family could hardly believe their eyes). We’re going for it again this year; it would make her day. Please pray.