About two years ago, I went through a bit of a phase of trying to make macarons. My second attempt was reasonable. The third was not; I vowed never to make macarons again. Then I helped a friend make them and picked up a couple of tips. It took me nearly a year to try after that. One more youtube clip that made them look like the easiest things in the world, and i was ready. Also, since last time, i had invested in a candy thermometre, non stick saucepan, and electric scales. This is how it went on attempt number four.





I was quite pleased with how they turned out. Conditions were quite good; it was a cold but dry day. The most difficult thing I had to contend with was my cat.  I lost a few shells to her licking them, before and after baking.
I made them a few weeks ahead. I layer them in a container with baking paper and froze them, then took them out a few hours before I needed them, to defrost. The filling was made the day before.
Confidence restored.


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