I really like Pinterest. I feel like every time I talk to someone about it, I’m trying to convert them. I also know to warn people when I talk about it because it is highly addictive. Don’t join unless you have a lot of spare time (or don’t mind using all of your spare time on this) and have a big download limit!

If you’ve not heard of Pinterest, it’s a website (or app) where you “pin” things that are ‘interesting’ (P+interest=Pinterest). It’s a place where you can collect ideas and inspiration (e.g. hobbies, diy, inspirational quotes, images, fitness and health ideas, etc). You can check out my boards here. There is also a link on the right (the red ‘P’).

Plenty of people pin things and never look at them again. Not me. I quite enjoy going back over my pins (and sorting them) and attempting the ideas in them. I’m thinking of sharing them with you here. There are plenty of sites where people share or collate Pinterest ‘fails’. That may sometimes be me. Not always. But I love Pinterest because it suits my personality. I thrive on having a project (especially if it’s not compulsory). And I have thousands of hobbies, so there is always something to try, even if I’m not in the mood for certain hobbies.

Here is the pin I’m working on at the moment (click on the picture to go to the website, though I’m only using the image – I looked briefly at the site and I don’t think my squats go that low):


I’m on day 2. I don’t do exercise. I’m proud of myself if I take a client for a half hour slow stroll. I’ve been for one run since August (which is when I cancelled my gym membership).  So, maybe if I’m just focusing on one thing, I may have success. And I also realised that day 1 (50 squats) would literally take a minute. So the “I don’t have time” excuse won’t work. This is the first ‘health/fitness’ pin I’ve decided to actually have a go at, so let’s see how I go.

Anybody else addicted to Pinterest? What are your current projects?


2 thoughts on “Pinterest

    • Thank you. Not going so well at the moment! It’s amazing how precious a minute can become when you’re super busy! The plan is to keep going, it just won’t be in the month allocated.

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