Seriously, how many levels of procrastination can you have?

My original plan for today was to do some study, with deadlines looming in the distance. What did I do instead? Spend a bunch of gift cards, make myself a waffle (with a waffle iron I bought with said gift cards), got through a disc worth of Stargate Atlantis, finished reading a book, and started reading a fascinating blog post about procrastinating. It’s so long I got distracted, and so familiar that I had to tell everyone about it. (Then I went back to facebook to find the link for the post. And someone had asked the question, “fave font?” So I looked up each answer and installed them). I’m procrastinating from procrastinating.

Anyway, it’s actually really helpful, and tomorrow I will actually do something about it, because I do fall for the lie that “it’s really too late to start work at this point.”

The illustration is super cute. I think I may actually start thinking about tasks as though I’m heading to the ‘critical point’, through the ‘dark forest’ and getting stuck in the ‘dark playground’ (that’s where I am right now). My ‘Instant-Gratification Monkey’ will be tamed!

IGM RDM interacting 1


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