Stargate cake topper

2013-12-06 19.53.53As per my new tradition, I ambitiously built my own Stargate (from the nerd TV show, for non-nerds), complete with active event horizon.

I wasn’t really sure how I was going to manage this. I had it in the back of my mind for weeks, months even, and eventually drew a sketch. It was inspired by Nerdy Nummies, again, who made her own mini Stargate cookies. She used cookies (obviously) and Jolly Ranchers for the middle. I couldn’t find Jolly Ranchers, so had to come up with something else, and also, I keep failing at making cookies (I did a trial run and realised I needed a new plan).

I did a Google image search and found a couple of clear pictures of the Stargate and the DHD (Dial Home Device) and used these as my guide. I also am working my way through Stargate Atlantis, so I watched that while I did my work.

2013-12-02 18.07.44

2013-12-02 18.07.56I made mine out of fondant in the end – I just mixed white and black together (I had black leftover from my other sister’s cake). I rolled it out fairly thick and placed the paper ring over the fondant, using a sharp knife to cut it out. I have a cookie cutter the exact size of the inside of the ring (conveniently), so that was easy. I also inserted some skewers in, partly for a bit of structural stability, and mostly so that the Stargate would stand up in the cake. I used the knife to press lines in, and a fork for the middle pattern.

2013-12-02 19.08.13Next was the finer detail. I used black writing icing for the symbols, and yes, they are accurate to the picture (as much as you can with icing). I also had red fondant leftover from the other cake as well. I did measure the shevrons, as well, so they’re all the same size and in the right places; those went on first, then the symbols.

2013-12-02 19.07.07Phase 1 complete. I left it to dry overnight, then placed it on a cake rack to dry on both sides. Give it about a week (it wasn’t completely set four days later, when I had to give it to my sister). The ring started to crack as well. I haven’t worked out how to prevent that. It’s difficult because it is so thick; the surface dries faster than the inside. Be careful when moving it.

I also prepared the DHD, which would sit on a chocolate muffin. I got it ready, but didn’t want it to harden, so kept it in an air tight container.

Meanwhile, I needed to do some testing for the event horizon. I decided to go with hard candy. Every recipe I found needed light corn syrup, which they don’t really sell in Australia. So I looked for alternatives, and found that you could replace it with honey or another sugar/water mix. I went with honey, which was a mistake, because it colours the candy, but oh well. Next time.

2013-12-05 17.31.11I’ve never done this before, and the saucepan I started with was too small, so here is a picture of me upscaling. Follow the directions on any hard candy recipe, and make sure you have a candy thermometre.

I also needed to test the best surface to set the candy. Most recipes just tell you to pour it onto a greased cookie tray, but then, they are going to crack theirs and dust with icing sugar, so I needed mine to lift off the tray without breaking.

2013-12-05 17.11.35So, I tried cling wrap, tin foil, baking paper and plain greased tray. I also prepared a mini Stargate to test what would happen when pouring 175 degree sugar into fondant.

2013-12-05 17.34.35Nothing happened to the fondant, so it was still a good plan! The cling wrap melted, and some of the foil got stuck. The baking paper was fine, and I didn’t want a greasy back of the ring, so paper it was.

2013-12-05 18.03.44Even with the honey, it went alright. I think I put about 7 drops of blue food colouring  in. My mistake in the second round was halving the sugar amount but keeping the colouring the same. It ended up too dark, and the honey made it green.

I was all good to go with the final version.

Before I did the sugar, though, I made it shiny, with some silver dusting powder (edible, from the cake decorating section in Spotlight). The black icing didn’t set properly, so you have to be super careful, but it’s doable.

2013-12-06 19.51.47

2013-12-06 19.53.53I made a base, because the cake topper was part of her present and I didn’t want to get chocolate fondant all over it. I let this set for a few days as well, and didn’t do anything fancy to it. I didn’t really try to hide the support skewers either.

2013-12-06 20.31.22And then we put a phone behind it with the torch on and made it glow!

Pretty happy with the result.


2 thoughts on “Stargate cake topper

  1. Hey I just came across your blog post. I’m currently doing a stargate came for my brothers wedding cake. Just case you ever have to use sugar again to create something like this, if you use a refund sugar called isomult it sets hard and takes colouring easy, it’s also really hard to over cook it 😄.
    Fingers crossed mine turns out half as well as your

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