Celebrate faithful soliders


Just because the flowers are pretty like they are.

Recently, two women who have worked in Christian ministry for quite a few years have stepped down from their roles in order to begin their new ministries – raising their families with their husbands. On Saturday night, we farewelled and gave thanks for B who has been involved in uni ministry since she was a student. On Sunday night, we did the same for A who has been doing childrens’ ministry since she started at our church 8 years ago.

The things that people said about them were quite similar. Their love of God’s word, the hard work they put in, and their reliance on Scripture. Their love of people – the people they remember to pray for, persevere to serve even when it is hard, love for individuals even though they serve so many. Their trust in God in difficult times, and we’ll see even more now as they step down from their ministries and entrust the work to others without being able to be as involved as they were before.

These moments are bittersweet; there is so much to give thanks for, and it is right to honour them and raise them up as godly examples to follow. I’ve been reminded again of the kind of woman to strive to be like. They both reflect the godly women of the bible who are gentle, kind, patient, humble, hardworking, submit to their husbands and do not give way to fear. They have a great desire to see people come to Christ and grow in love and maturity, and have both had a huge impact in the lives of people they have been involved in.

I am thankful personally for being able to meet with each of them to read the bible and pray for each other, to share our lives and tears, to think through ministry and how to serve God and people better, and how to grow in godliness. These are some of my most memorable moments with them.

I am tempted to be envious of the way they deny themselves for the sake of the gospel. Selfishly, I would like to be remembered that way. But neither of them do it for their own glory, but for God’s. This is how we should strive; not for our own sakes, but for God’s name.


2 thoughts on “Celebrate faithful soliders

  1. hey Ally, thanks for sharing your honest reflections. I’m so thankful to have met B too and to have learnt from her example of following Jesus. Will be praying that God will continue to grow you into a godly woman and wife, as He does for A and B 🙂

    • Thanks Jen. I am also thankful for knowing you 🙂 in particular, you are so very good at encouraging and are so bold and humble in approaching people with the Gospel. Praying he keeps growing you also.

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