Old people and memories

So, my week off was not as restful as I had hoped it would be. As usual, I tried to achieve too much, and there were a fair few events on that made it quite tiring (wedding, ladies breakfast and birthday party, plus setting/packing up and performing).

Sadly, I didn’t really get to relax at my grandma’s either. I had totally imagined sitting in pa’s old rocking chair in the new extension downstairs, reading or drawing, and even going for a walk.

2013-09-19 13.23.53

Doilies on the armrests.

Instead, I hung out with a bunch of old ladies who didn’t really talk to me, helped grandma run some errands, and then stopped in at my great Aunt’s house and watched a home video and listened to the two sisters chatter away for a couple of hours. By 8:30, I was in bed (apparently my body can’t handle fresh air).

I did get some nice photos though. I remember this aunt for her garden, and I was always a little afraid of her because her garden was so precious. Now that I’m older and have a chance to get to know her better, I think she’s pretty alright.

2013-09-18 16.35.49

2013-09-18 14.49.32

2013-09-18 16.34.12

I did a little wander around grandma’s house and garden, as well, for a bit of nostalgia.

2013-09-19 11.28.49

The tiny little chairs we used to sit on for morning tea

2013-09-19 11.28.07

Dressing up tissues and toilet paper

2013-09-19 11.27.58


2013-09-19 13.30.59

Only the eldest and youngest get featured on the wall as babies

2013-09-19 13.30.07

Doll collection

2013-09-19 13.29.32

The proper way to use a pool table

2013-09-19 13.28.29


2013-09-19 13.25.56

We used to swim in here. The bottom was always slimy.

2013-09-19 13.25.22

We’d stand on the spot on the left to throw bread to the ducks, and then launch the canoes from the ramp.

It’s now the long weekend, and I’ve finally been able to chill out and do the things I wanted to do last time.


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