Day off

It’s been a while since Jeh and I were able to spend a whole day together. Yesterday was lovely, so I just wanted to share it.

Also, I really want to learn a few skills to take better pictures, so here are some from yesterday. I haven’t done any research or real practice or camera play yet, so that’s why they’re not very fancy (and some have terrible focus and the horizon is crooked, sorry, but you’ve got to start somewhere, right?).

2013-07-27 12.26.28We live in a really pretty area, so morning strolls are part of our rest and spending time together routine.

2013-07-27 12.29.53

2013-07-27 12.29.03

2013-07-27 12.57.03Jeh made an awesome lunch and we read the bible together, which prompted conversation about where we’ve come from and how that will affect how we raise our (potential) children. Conversations like these don’t happen that often; we’re both introverts, so we’re both quite content to sit quietly with each other when we hang out (not to say that we don’t talk!). I think we’re both very glad that we have quite similar views on a lot of things.

We also visited Jeh’s nanna. She’s adorable, a little rolly-polly grandma. We brought some photo albums from our wedding and honeymoons and she flicked through them with the cutest smile on her face, she just looked so pleased. I was so very tempted to take a photo of her as she flicked through, but thought that would be a bit rude, so I fought it.

2013-07-27 15.53.44And we visited my parents. My mum has a really nice garden – I couldn’t resist.

2013-07-27 15.54.18

2013-07-27 17.01.04

What does your ideal day off include?


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