One Question

If you could ask God one question, what would you ask?

You may be someone who already trusts God and want to know more. Maybe you’re not sure what’s out there or you may just be curious about something. Maybe your life experience makes you want to ask God something really personal, like ‘Why?’ You might not even believe in God. But it’s still worth asking, isn’t it?

My church will be devoting three weeks of Sundays to answering the top three most common questions. You can ask your question and see the tally by clicking on the picture. Voting closes at the end of the week, and the three topics will be revealed shortly afterward.For me, my question goes back to the beginning. It’s along the lines of, how did sin come about if creation was so good? Was it good that the serpent was crafty? Was sin part of God’s grand plan of salvation?

I’d love to hear your questions, if you have them!


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