One to One Bible Reading – David Helm

Layout 1I already knew this book was great. I read it so I could recommend it to people and tell them why it’s great.

There’s nothing mind-blowing in this book; it’s really straight-forward. But if you’ve never sat down with just one other person and read the bible together, I guess it could be kind of mind-blowing as an idea.

One to one bible reading really is “a simple guide for every Christian” – really, for every Christian. You don’t have to be a leader, or a bible guru, or even a long-time Christian. The only requirement is that you want to learn from God’s word and get to know him better through it. Helm explains the why, the how and gives some really helpful models for how to go about it. He also goes through different genres and some particular books, and even recommends particular books for different types of meetings (e.g. if you were meeting with a new Christian, or even a non-Christian).

It’s super easy to read (and short), and you don’t even have to read all of it, because you can just drop in to the appendixes when you want advice on those tricky genres and books.

But don’t wait until you’ve read this book to start meeting with someone (of the same gender, unless it’s your special friend)! If you want to know more about God and how to live for him, and would like to nut it out with another person (because two heads are better than one), just do it!

one to oneThe first time I did it would have been in my second year of uni, my first at Cumberland campus, with ECU (Evangelical Christian Union). I used to meet with an MTS worker (while they were there – thank you Sophie, Nicole and Bon). We would catch up for an hour each week, spend a little time chatting about how we were going, open up the passage we were up to, work through it and work out what it meant, then pray from it and for each other.

It’s probably my favourite type of ministry.

Then, once I graduated, I started meeting with a close friend. And then I went back to Cumbo and became an MTSer, meeting with female students and growing together through the Word (pictured left: some of the lovely ladies I caught up with one to one to read the bible and pray).

Now that I’ve finished MTS, I’m still catching up with that friend, and trying to catch up with other young women at church.

I would love to see this ministry grow at church, particularly among the women, of all ages.


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