Goodbye Quiet Season

For a few months, I felt like I had heaps of free time. I was knitting, reading and baking a lot more. It was a nice change after such a busy period (for about three years).

So I decided I needed to fill my time so that I would be forced to use it better. I joined a gym, and was going three times a week. I started studying an online course. I picked up a ministry for the second half of the year. I applied for an internal position at work.

And I started to get a bit anxious and downcast. Am I really good enough to do the job I applied for? When will I have time to do some volunteer work for this new course, so that I have experience to apply for jobs when I finish? How long can I commit to this extra ministry? How long until my gym contract runs out?

God has been very kind in giving me extra time and changing the way I think so that I have a more positive outlook. He’s given me some small achievements to keep me motivated.

And today he’s given me a client to work with who is like me: likes peace and quiet and sitting in the sun, and likes structure. So as he enjoys the trampoline, I have time to think.



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