Tuesday Highlights

Yesterday was a bit stressful, so I thought I’d share on my much more pleasant day today.

My work day involved going to St George leagues club, knitting whilst listening to a talented band play Rock and Roll music. We were sitting near an old lady who was rocking out in her seat; I was tempted to ask her to get up and dance together. Then while we were eating lunch, we had this conversation:

Lady: You ladies do such a good job (working with disabilities).

Me: (with a mouthful of cajun chicken burger) Thank you.

Lady: Yes, it’s so wonderful what you ladies do. And the men. That man was very young. Very good looking! Young enough to be my grandson. If I were fifty years younger.

Me: I’ll let him know.

Bible study was great. We’ve been looking at an overview of the Old Testament, and were looking at the theme of how the Israelites were to act whilst in Exile. We finished off the study with a look at Romans 8:18-39. We worked through a couple of tricky verses, and had a few lightbulb moments. God is the one who subjected the world to frustration, because of our sin, and the good he is working for those who love him is conforming us to be like Jesus while we wait for the time when the world is redeemed and the sons of God are revealed.

The day finished off with hanging out on the lounge with my husband to catch the last twenty minutes of the Australia v. Iraq football match. Australia are going to the FIFA World Cup in Brazil in 2014! Then, on Good News, there was a story about a little boy whose brother is sick. He decided to draw pictures and sell them to help other sick kids. So cute.


2 thoughts on “Tuesday Highlights

  1. Hey Ally! We went to bible study and then watched the last twenty minutes of the game too. Brian was pretty worried for a while! Hope you’re well!

    • Yes and then after the goal it was very tense. Jeh didn’t relax until it was over, and then he didn’t even look excited at the win because we can’t afford to go to Brazil!

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