Extra day off


It’s been a while since I reflected on things I am thankful for. So here we go:

  • The long weekend has given me time to catch up on my bible reading. I read a big chunk of Leviticus today and was reminded of God’s holiness and our need for forgiveness and atonement, and thankful that Jesus’ sacrifice removes the need for any further sacrifices. We can approach God with confidence and without fear. (I do actually enjoy Leviticus).
  • We looked at Daniel’s prayer in Daniel 9 last night at church. I am always struck by Daniel’s humility and acknowledgement of his own sin, even though what we see of him in Daniel shows his faithfulness and trust in God. He sits before God humbly and pleads for mercy. God’s response reaffirms his trustworthiness, and points us forward to the cross where all of our sin lies.
  • I received a prayer letter from uni, with a story of a friend who I had the privilege and joy of meeting with and reading Matthew. She wasn’t a Christian when we started two years ago, but is now excited to keep learning to read the bible for herself and grow in her knowledge of God. I can’t wait to catch up with her soon!
  • My dear husband has been very sweet, giving me (painful) massages and berries and being generally supportive with hugs when I have girly teary moments.
  • And I’ve been able to catch up with friends a bit more often. It’s been quite nice to not be so busy lately that I do have time to catch up with girlfriends. I’m getting much busier, now, by my own doing, but that may also be good for making me more intentional with my time. I find the less busy I am, the less productive.

I would love to hear of things you’ve been thankful for.


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