TV to kitchen

A slightly more??????????? frivolous post, but I’ve been in a bit of a non-writing mood. Sometimes I have moods where I think that I need to write about serious and deeply thought-provoking things. Other times I just want to write about stuff that’s happening. And then other times, I just want to write about things that don’t particularly matter, but I like them.

Thursday nights are SBS cooking show nights for Jeh and I, and I have been recently inspired again by Rachel Khoo (left) from Little Paris Kitchen on SBS. As I was watching her beat up some choux pastry by hand, break up dark chocolate and melt it with butter for some delicious looking chocolate puddings with salted caramel centres, I decided to look her up and find out about her books (below right). And I ordered one. 8334166

I love watching her show. She’s fun and makes difficult recipes look easy, even in her tiny little kitchen. And she has such a great vintage style. Fighting the temptation to starting dressing like her and cutting my fringe just to be like her. But if I do start dressing like her, it’s because I already owned clothes like that. 😉 Maybe one Winter when I can be bothered, I will get a fringe (having a fringe in Summer is annoying).

IMG_20130531_185619We’ve also been watching Spice Trip (also on Thursday nights on SBS). It’s about two young spice experts who travel to different countries, investigating and experimenting with a different spice each week.

Thus, I tried adding chilli flakes to my chocolate brownies. It leaves a nice warm tingle in your mouth when you eat them. However, I still haven’t mastered the brownie.It’s better than last time, at least.  TheFxCam_1370072830767y were still slightly moist when they came out of the oven, but dry out so quickly. Very good with ice cream, though.

Good thing I’ve started going to a gym.


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