6 months

Time really does go fast. Yesterday marked six months of marriage. We spent the day together, not necessarily because of the date but because we both had nothing on and it was such a nice day! Jeh cringed when I said “halfiversary”.

But I’ve been very thankful for our first six months. I’ve heard stories of some people’s first year of marriage being the hardest year of their life. Thankfully for us, there weren’t too many changes in other areas of our lives – the only big one being me going back to full time in a job I was already comfortable in. We still live close to family and friends and go to the same church. It’s been easy for us to live together (so thankful that we share the load of everything that needs to be done – I don’t even ask). And I am thankful that my expectations of spending time together were pretty spot on. I was really looking forward to being able to be in the same space and doing different things – when you’re dating, any time that you spend together is usually quite focused. But we can enjoy each other’s company quite easily. And we still find little dumb things we do quite endearing. Yay for a lovely start to marriage!


We only do presents and proper celebrations on full year anniversaries, but I had been knitting this (and he knew it, he requested the colour as per Arsenal Gunners 125th anniversary commemorative scarf) and wanted to give it to him before Winter.


So it seemed best to also give him Gnome #3, the Arsenal Manager Gnome.




P1000063We hung out at La Perouse for fish and chips and wandering around the fort. I come here all the time with work, so it was nice to actually do something here for once. Sadly, the fort was closed, and I ate too much for lunch so couldn’t fit in any ice cream from the vans that were around.

P1000064It turns out that our “halfiversary” is his mum’s birthday. She wasn’t home when we dropped these off, so she would have come home to a nice surprise.


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