Working week

Work has been quite enjoyable, though occasionally very tiring. Here is my week in pictures:

Monday: I took D to the cafe, and then to Maroubra beach on the bus for a walk. He decided when we got there that we would just walk back, even though he got over it halfway and wouldn’t let me take any pictures of the view when we got to the top of the hill. I think, if he could have a super power, it would be apparation; he kept asking to go back, but kept choosing walking over catching the bus. It took an hour; it probably would have taken me 20 minutes alone.

Tuesday: I got to go to the art gallery with J and K. I enjoyed and appreciated it much more than they did, especially a couple of paintings that were so beautiful, they looked like windows (oh to be able to paint depth, water and sky! The bad quality photo does not do it justice). But then it started raining, pouring, in fact, and K walks so slowly, pulling your hand down as she follows. I find it a bit hard to be patient sometimes. People were lovely though, offering help when I had to drop my umbrella to get her raincoat on, and one lady in the restroom told me “you’re such a good little girl, doing what you do!” I’m pretty sure I was taller than her, but it was lovely all the same.



FxCam_1365471918749Wednesday: I went walking with J and S at Centennial Park. It provided one of the best interactions I’d had with S (remember him from the milkshake episode?); he is usually quite jumpy and nervous around people, even if they are familiar, and doesn’t really initiate anything. But today he was guiding and prodding me in the direction he wanted to go, smiling and laughing as he did. So much fun!



Thursday: I took J to the sensory room. It was her birthday today, but she didn’t know; her parents were waiting until the afternoon to tell her, because otherwise she would be even more demanding than ever. I spent literally six and a half hours driving, because she likes it (and it takes a while to get to and from work), and she wouldn’t eat her lunch. Thankful that God kept me alive; too tempting to sleep. She only lets you stop driving for so long.FxCam_1365567303387

Friday: Only three hours of driving today, and hanging out with S again. This morning we shared direct eye contact for ten seconds, him coming very close to my face; I decided to pull the same face as him, eyes bright and a little surprised. Even more fun than Wednesday! And he let me test out my new birthday camera as we went for a walk at Janali Reserve.






Now I’m having the night off, watching David Attenborough’s Africa with my husband. The photography is so amazing! Learning a little something about photography will be one of my next projects. I’ve been able to enjoy God’s creation in so many different ways this week.


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