FxCam_1363818440309I’ve been quite thankful lately of the rest I’ve been able to have (the more I blog, the more free time I have). It’s such a contrast to the last two years where I felt like every moment needed to be used to get ministry things done, because there was always too much to do (it gave me a much greater appreciation for ministry workers). I’m feeling rather recharged. It’s a nice season to be in.

But now I’m feeling a little guilty, because so many of my friends are so busy with bible college and organising church events and such. I actually want to be busy.

So as I read Romans 16 this morning, it was quite timely. Paul is wrapping up his letter to the Roman church with a list of people who have worked with him in the Lord. It’s really a lovely acknowledgement of his fellow workers, and you can see the affection and appreciation that he has for them. And it’s nice to see so many women in there, as well.

These are Paul’s descriptions of them:

  • Phoebe, a servant and a patron of many
  • Prisca and Aquila, fellow workers who risked their necks for Paul, and who run a church in their home. Paul and the Gentile churches give thanks for them.
  • Epaenetus and Ampliatus, beloved in the Lord.
  • Mary has worked hard.
  • Andronicus and Junia, fellow prisoners.
  • Tryphaena, Tryphosa and Persis, who have worked hard in the Lord.
  • Rufus’ mother has been a mother to Paul.

I want to be like them, hard working in the Lord and willing to take risks for the sake of the gospel and for those facing opposition. We don’t usually have control over the seasons we are in, but I can use this season of more time to use time more wisely.


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