Suffering and joy

Picture taken from here.

A very large Christian community in Australia, and I am sure across the world, have been praying for several years for a woman named Bronwyn Chin. She was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer a few years ago and on Easter Sunday passed away. Her husband is heavily involved in Christian ministry in universities in Australia, and they have four children.

Some of my readers may have already read this blog post she wrote last year, but I wanted to share it for those who wouldn’t otherwise make their way across this. It puts any of my suffering in perspective. Her joy is so evident.

I’ve never met her, but I’ve been so very encouraged by her story. I’ve heard her husband speak quite a few times at Christian conferences, and mention the sadness of watching his wife suffer and talk about the effect on his own faith. It’s always so bittersweet when someone so faithful (by God’s grace) passes away. She was young, and even I shed a tear (not knowing her). But it’s also wonderful knowing that she is in glory with her Lord and Saviour, Jesus Christ.


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