Early morning

FxCam_1364932999582I’m not a morning person. My family knew (from learning the hard way) not to talk to me after I’d woken up. But I do like being up early by myself. I got into the habit, before I was married, of getting up before others to have breakfast and a cup of tea, so that I could be more ready to face people in the morning. Jeh has already gone (to the early men’s bible study) and I have a little extra time alone to potter and ponder. Not about anything in particular, I just have a lot on my mind, and need to shed it.

Like how am I going to keep my client entertained today while it’s raining? What can I get done today that’s on my to do list? Processing bible study last night. Thinking of girlfriends I need to catch up with. Why do I get sick whenever I sleep with the window open? Which camera should I buy with my birthday money? The fact that daylight savings ends this weekend (didn’t know that until someone told me last night), so it won’t be dark when I wake up anymore (that will be nice).

None of these things are really that important or stressful, but I usually have so much on my mind that I can’t sleep properly (women usually think of many different, completely unrelated things at the same time). I usually read before bed to clear my mind. I’m starting to think I need to write as well, to actually put some of my thoughts down and deal with them rather than pushing them aside for later. I was keeping a journal over the last two years; it helped a lot with managing my stress and anxiety, and helping me sleep. I know there are others who struggle with sleep because their brains just keep ticking.

What helps you to clear it and get some rest? Have you worked it out yet?


2 thoughts on “Early morning

  1. Hey Ally, really enjoyed your entry! I feel much the same, thoughts buzzing in my head all the time. I’ve been writing everything down on to do lists even things like ” think about which camera to buy for my birthday”. Means I can rest assured even if I can’t think through it at the point- it is still written down for me to get back to it. ( it also feels great when I get to tick it off the list!)

  2. Thanks Dotty 🙂 Yes, lists are great! Sometimes I think I should have a pen and paper next to my bed in case I think of something else that will stay on my mind while I’m trying to sleep.

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