Good weekend

I told a friend who asked, that there are not really any Christian days that are more holy than others, each day is to be given to God, but that Christmas and Easter are still great reminders and chances to reflect on the events of God being born as a human and dying as a man and rising to life again. I’m not one to get emotional or feel a great surge in my heart over what Christ has done, but on Good Friday, I felt particularly thankful. The sermon was so good, so clear and relevant, and so faithful. And there was this one part where our minister seemed to lose a little of the hold he generally (I think) has on his excitement (he’s very enthusiastic) and I had a little tear in my eyes. “Jesus’ death was not powerless or failure, but victory!”

That was just the start to my weekend. Jeh and I then had various family lunches (we got to host my parents on my birthday) and got to spend time with wonderful old friends who we haven’t seen in ages (I got to have tea with a girlfriend whose birthday is on the same weekend as mine). And today I get to have some time to myself to potter and do some projects that I don’t often get time for (I like setting myself projects).


Mum and dad gave me some plants for my birthday that I couldn’t possibly kill.

FxCam_1364703771715Birthday banoffee tart from my sister.

FxCam_1364415859804My most recent projects – making cards makes a lot of mess, much to Jeh’s frustration. FxCam_1364769764508

These appeared on my dining chair after coming home from coffee with a friend on my birthday. So pretty, thank you Jeh.SAMSUNGJeh took me out to see Jake Nauta to follow up our Playjerise connection.


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