When I grow old…

FxCam_1362449266846Sometimes on a Tuesday I take my clients (adults with intellectual disabilities) to ‘Showtime’, where we hang out with a bunch of oldies and listen to old fashioned entertainers. I usually bring my knitting along and get a few smiles. But occasionally spending time with older people makes me wonder what I will be like when I’m older.

I’ll probably be one who says “back in my day,” “young people these days”, “they don’t make it like they used to”, “it’s too loud”, because I’m already one of those people… I know. I’m shaking my head at myself.

But there are some character traits I’m beginning to see in myself that I really don’t want to develop further. I don’t want to be a busy-body. I don’t want to be judgmental and bitter. I don’t want to feel like I’ve earned the right to have my own way. Because I hate it when others are like that. Particularly when people feel that way toward my clients for joining in on their activity. It’s so disappointing when my clients are singing or clapping and someone complains, either directly or to the staff.

I think this is helpful to think about now, to keep identifying sin and repenting of it, no matter what the circumstances. I know some who have had very hard lives, but while some become bitter and resentful of their lot, others have been thankful and loyal and selfless despite those hard times, those who trust God in every season. And they grow to be more like him. They’re the ones I want to be like.


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