It may not be Spring, but…

Every now and then I get the urge to redecorate (i.e. Spring clean theme). There isn’t enough room in our apartment to do that, so the blog will do!

Also, I’ve had a suspicion for a couple of years now that I get hay-fever (it seems silly not to know if I get it, but there you go). I thought I came down with a cold from our church weekend away, but it only lasted two days, and while it did, my eyes were itchy. Even though I didn’t feel awesome, I’ve been thankful for my rather good health (I don’t think I’ve been sick for more than three days in the last two years).

I recent news, I’ve been back in full-time disability support work since the end of January, and have generally been pretty thankful for it. I’m still getting used to regular hours again and driving for 100+km most days, but have enjoyed taking our clients on programs I haven’t done in a couple of years, and getting back into the swing of things. I really appreciate structure in my week (ministry doesn’t really offer regular hours).

Relationships at work have been quite good. My colleagues have been excited to have me back full-time, and we did this team building exercise last week that initially I thought would be forced and tacky, but it wasn’t! We were asked to share something that we appreciate about the person on our left, and went around the circle taking turns. Everyone said really lovely, genuine things. Unfortunately, I had to go first and usually need a bit of time to think of what I want to say, so the thing that came out of my mouth sounded a bit silly and shallow and embarrassing. But the whole thing really cheered me up when I was feeling tired and emotional from dealing with challenging behaviours that day.

And while I’m not the biggest fan of hot days and Summer, I don’t mind so much when I get to enjoy some of these pretty places…


National park







Camelia Gardens


Centennial Park



Bicentennial Park


Sans Souci


Oatley (I think)




FxCam_1361844673843Sydney Harbour and the invisible man


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