In the Land of Blue Burqas – Kate McCord

FxCam_1358316601707Jeh bought me a couple of books for Christmas, which we then both read on Honeymoon part 2. This was the first.

‘Kate’ is a single American, Christian woman who moved to Afghanistan for five years as an aide worker. She was moved by compassion when she saw news clips about the war and wanted to help in a practical way. In her book, she shares her experiences, particularly of sharing her faith with the people she came into contact with, either through personal relationships (especially with women) or through interactions related to the work she was doing. Each chapter focuses on a different theme or concept that came up in her time there.

I loved this book and the way that she worked hard to bridge the gap between two very different worldviews – she shares her wisdom and conversations she had (so many conversations! Faith is a very open topic). She asked so many questions to understand the people she lived amongst, and worked out how to share her faith in “the Honourable Jesus Messiah”. At first her care was out of a desire not to put herself in a position of danger (because of laws related to religion and women); as she got to know people better and ways of relating in their culture, it became even more about love for them.

I think any Westerner (Christian or not) should read this, whether it’s to simply understand Muslims better, to be better friends with them, or to minister to Muslims. I learned a lot about how to use language and stories to explain the bible and the gospel, about the culture and even the vast differences between Islam for men and women. We’re not in the same situation, but there are a lot of principles that apply (they apply to any type of ministry, really, and show the importance of understanding points of view and then shaping your answers and explanations accordingly). Well worth the read!


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