Pre-marriage reflections

In less than three months I will be making some pretty big promises to one man and making the biggest life change so far (actually, two – moving out for the first time). I imagine I’ll be pretty emotional for, say, the next year, and as it gets closer, I notice even more the things that are going to change.

Things I will miss:

  • natural light – my bedroom at the moment gets the best morning sun and the backyard gets some quite nice afternoon sun, where I occasionally enjoy reading. Our unit doesn’t get much sun at all, so I hope the balcony temperature is pleasant enough to sit outside a lot.
  • my cat – I’m not a crazy cat lady, but my cat is super cute and, funnily enough, brings my family together (we don’t really hang out much, despite living together, but when the cat is around, so are all the women)
  • everything my mum does – it’s a bit selfish, but realistically, I will miss that my mum cleans the house, cooks and washes my clothes.
  • secrets – I’m sure there are weird habits and idiosyncrasies that Jeh doesn’t know about, and would probably rather he didn’t. Also, living together will make it a bit trickier to surprise him.

Things I’m looking forward to:

  • going to sleep and waking up with my husband – we’ll be living together for the first time after the wedding; I’m looking forward to not having to say goodbye.
  • working out what life looks like with just one other person.
  • cooking dinner for my husband – cooking is still a novelty for me, I quite enjoy it, and I do quite enjoy being domestic
  • clutter-free kitchen – we have too much stuff at home, and we often run out of space on every available surface, so I am excited about having everything in cupboards.
  • quiet – I have a big family, but it’s not so much that we talk a lot that there’s always noise – it’s my dad and the TV. Morning and evening, it’s either that, or dad out in the backyard blasting Dire Straits or Shania Twain – sometimes I’m a little sensitive to sound.
  • baking in our awesome kitchen – even though Jeh doesn’t really eat sweets, my dad does, so I have worked out that I can still bake regularly, keep a couple for myself and guests, and give the rest to my dad. Win win!
  • talking more to my family – even though I’ll see them less, I suppose there will be more to talk about and catch up on. It’s sad that we’ve never really been that close knit, but I think as we live further apart, we’ll actually be closer.
  • the Ally-sized bath at the unit, with jets!! Bubbles, a good book and a soak (we have a bath at home, but it’s slightly too long for me, I have to point my toe against the end so my hair doesn’t get wet).

Any advice or other things I can be excited about moving out and/or getting married?


6 thoughts on “Pre-marriage reflections

  1. Mic says take all your stuff with you- you’re mum and dad will appreciate it!
    I say…don’t make ‘never’ or ‘always’ statements in regards to your partner!!!!

    • Thanks Kath! Sometimes I do that in my head (never/always), but I know it’s not true, so thankfully I don’t think I’ve said it out loud yet. I was totally planning on leaving some stuff here!

  2. Awesome!!!!!! I’m super nervous about sharing room/space with a boy not sure what Jeh’s cleanliness/hotness is like but Yeh I have not shared a room since I was 11 and that was with a girl….. But YES love the whole not having to say goodbye…… JUST ENJOY the season God is taking u on….. WOW after so many prayers He has brought u here so happy for you xxxxx

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