Just Do Something – Kevin DeYoung

Just Do Something – A Liberating Approach to Finding God’s Will. Kevin DeYoung.

I was given this book to read in preparation for MYC and thinking about Guidance. It’s a pretty short, easy read, and generally pretty helpful in correcting our preconceptions and expectations about how God guides his people.

DeYoung begins by pointing out the different ways our generation thinks, compared to our grandparents – that we are perpetually unsatisfied, partly due to the incredible amount of choice we have. We get overwhelmed by the options we have, while our grandparents went with what was available. We want to call making the ‘right decision’ obeying God’s plan for our life, while they just got on with it and worked hard.

He helps us think through a few definitions, a few of the reasons we want God to reveal his plans for us to us, the different ways we expect God to reveal his plans – working through the misconceptions before going into more detail about what we should expect and how God does guide, in the second half of the book.

As I was reading it, I was thinking of all the people I would recommend this book to, as it is really helpful, and it makes what we think is a very complicated concept much simpler. By the end, I was left with a similar conclusion to other books I’ve read – just continue to be, live and grow as a Christian. There’s no particular mystery to how God guides, and I wasn’t surprised by anything he wrote, but it was refreshing all the same.

I loved the simplicity, the wonderful commonsense and wisdom of Just do something. I’d not heard of Kevin DeYoung before, but he bases everything in the Word and writes in a way that engages with our generation (though he says at the beginning that it’s not a book just for young people). There was a lot more he could have said (I feel like he didn’t comment much on evangelism or serving at church) but being a short book, I suppose you can’t cover everything. Still a very helpful little book, worth the read, and worth reading again.

“So the end of the matter is this: Live for God. Obey the Scriptures. Think of others before yourself. Be holy. Love Jesus.” (p122)


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