My procrastination techniques go through phases. Sometimes it’s getting really involved in a task, like making a whole scrapbook, rearranging and cleaning my entire bedroom (or bathroom, now that we have one) or reading an entire book.

Other times it’s half-hearted procrastination, where I have the self-control enough to not lock myself into a task that needs to be finished, but I struggle to get started on what I need to do. Usually at times like these I go on facebook or blog.

So instead of doing the mountain of prep I’m meant to be doing, I would rather:

find a sunny spot and laze about

have coffee and baked goods with friends (like Jenny and Jo!)

make my own baked goods using our brand new kitchen appliances!

I am looking forward to spending next week delving into the bible with students (what I’m meant to be prepping), but I also think I am ready for a holiday.


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