So many things…

My goal to write what I’ve been thankful for each week has not happened as faithfully as I had hoped. But there is much to be thankful for (some of these are things that deserve their own posts, which is why I keep putting it off, I suppose).

I’m thankful:

  • that the end of semester has come, and while I will still be working, I am glad for the time away from lots of conversations and talking;
  • for the semester – I’ve really enjoyed meeting with the girls at uni, particularly the one to ones. I’ve really enjoyed leading the first time growth group leaders, sharing our struggles and things God has taught us;
  • for a day off yesterday- it wasn’t technically meant to be a day off, but I’m sick, so I’m very thankful for the extra pj/blanket time and not having to go out in the wind and rain;
  • for the students who have been leading bible studies and how they’ve helped me think about God’s word. One study on Matthew 18 and forgiveness was particularly challenging;
  • for a note that I found in my bag – I assume from a student, what a lovely surprise and great reminder –

  • for Jeh doing so much for the wedding, honeymoon and home;
  • for the reminder to look after myself and the days that I was doing my homework. I need to get back into it, but it hasn’t been as much of a problem;
  • the Apprentice conference – more on this later.

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