What Mum wants

My family isn’t good at showing affection to each other, and when it comes to getting gifts for my parents, I get stumped. What do you get the woman who buys everything she wants and spends hours on ebay buying more things she doesn’t need (if anyone needs any wool, come to my house)?

So on Mother’s Day, we had pancakes and bacon.

But you know what really makes my mum happy? It seems, not having her children around her (I was the only one there, the others were either at church, work or sleeping), but kittens.

Yes, Henry is my mum’s favourite little person. He has made his way inside the house (like no other cat before him has ever achieved).

I can’t blame her. Here are some other photos of Henry’s adventures (because there aren’t enough photos of cats on the internet):

It’s funny how a cat brings a family together. It’s a nice excuse to hang out with Erin more often.

Henry making himself at home on my bed.

Eyeing off my phone charger cord.

Attacking the blinds.

Preparing to attack a magpie…

… after his success with a mouse. Sorry, that’s a bit gross.


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