Space to breathe


I’ve been craving some time where I can have some space from bring around people. I’m starting to realise that I’m actually quite tired and need a whole day where I don’t have to be somewhere. They’re all good things but the last and next few weekends mean that I can’t have that really good rest yet. I also need time to just sit and process all the things I’ve been thinking about lately, hopefully over the next few days, I’ll be able to articulate some of them here.

In the meantime, there are some things to be thankful for:

– Jeh, who I enjoy resting with, and has done a lot of work in preparation for our future, and who I can read the bible with and wrestle with God’s word together;
– that yesterday (see photo above for where we ate lunch) and today have been pretty quiet at work;
– being able to spend time with friends and family and celebrate a few birthdays this month.


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