Love the Word

I’ve been struggling a bit lately in knowing how to use time wisely, particularly as the end of semester draws to a close (4 weeks to go).

One of the hardest things is knowing that there aremany students I would like to follow up and meet with but there are really not many common hours actually available to do so. Timetables are difficult and I discovered a couple of weeks ago that there were a couple of hours that students had free that I was unaware of, but had only recently filled them with other students. I need to keep reminding myself that God is in control of this.

More specifically, I would love for the girls I lead to love the bible and feel the weight of understanding it well, for letting the word speak rather than letting our own situations frame what we read, to not just expect that experience will inform their relationship with God, and to know that God reveals himself best in Christ and in the bible. I’ve only just worked out that the best way to achieve this is to model it in one-to-one bible reading.

This seems rather obvious (and it is) but I suppose I’d been so focused and disappointed at the fact that I didn’t have time to meet with everyone that I figured I couldn’t manage it (which shows that I still have some perfectionist traits, that if I can’t do something well, or don’t know where to start, I don’t). All other alternatives are inaequate, e.g. I can explain and encourage at the group level as much as I want to, and some perhaps will see what I mean. But as it’s true that the more you read the bible, the more you enjoy and desire it, unless you do it, how can you learn to love it?

I suppose there are a few ways I could work around the problem of time:

  • Continue praying;
  • Phone calls (so many phone calls…);
  • Meeting with my current one-to-ones each fortnight instead of weekly;
  • Encourage students to read the word together;
  • Meet with more than one student at a time.

If anyone else has any other ideas, please, I’d love some advice. Or hopefully this is just helpful for anyone working out how to encourage and build others in Christian maturity, but feel the struggle of knowing that “the harvest is plentiful but the workers are few.”


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