Thank you, Lord

I had a bit of a rough afternoon and was very tempted to blog about it (I spent most of the evening pondering how I’d write it) but decided that it wouldn’t be godly. So, instead, it seemed best to practice thankfulness, both for its own sake and to put away some negative emotions.

Things I can be thankful for this week:

  • that I am well – I came down with a cold on Anzac day, but it only lasted a couple of days. Considering how many people have been knocked out with the flu lately, I got off easy.
  • for time outside – today we took two blind clients to a dog shelter in North Sydney; I’ve been appreciating the Australian bush a lot more lately, after reading a book called Secret River by (highly recommended). I wish I could spend more time in direct sunlight, but I burn too easily.
  • for my parents – particularly my dad, whom I gained even more respect for today and am even more thankful for how hard he works for others and how forgiving he is.
  • that my parents are away for a few days – it gives me a chance to be a bit domestic (and look forward to an aspect of marriage that I expect will lose it’s novelty soon enough. The photo below is what happens every time my parents go away – things get cleaned) and means the house is considerably quieter. I can watch the TV Jeh and I are lending them and can work in more rooms of the house.
  • a night off – I needed it after today. Baked goods, tea and Castle. These cupcakes worked far better than the latest banana cake and Anzac cookie attempts.

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