Do not be ashamed

Twice in the past week I’ve been rebuked about how I proclaim Christ, or rather, avoid proclaiming Christ.

The first was in being reminded that I have not been working on my goal of going on walk-up once a fortnight (I changed it from once a week because that definitely wasn’t happening). It’s probably my least favourite part of ministry, mostly because I’m just shy and the whole approaching-a-random-stranger strikes fear into my heart (literally, my heart hurts when I have to do it). But, I am convinced that the positives of walk-up evangelism outweigh the potential negatives, so I will do it. Also, I do it because I have to and I agreed to take a student on walk-up as they learn about how to share the gospel.

The second was in my preparation for a seminar on grief. I’ve been reading a book on suffering; there was a chapter specifically on suffering for Christ. The author mentioned the fact that there is a temptation to use the “becoming all things to all people so that some might be saved” as an excuse for ungodliness, i.e. to laugh at crude jokes, to drop swear words in the company of non-believers. I agree with him that the reason we do this is not for the sake of their salvation (because how does it lead to sharing the gospel?), but because we want to be liked, and thus avoid suffering in the form of perhaps being socially excluded.

So, rather than praying that I would be sick today and thus being able to stay home, I went to uni and did some walk-up with a student. We were able to share the gospel with a young woman, as well as have a couple of positive conversations about Christianity, and meet a Christian. God uses us in our weakness and fear. And I will seek to obey God’s word and grow in godliness, being a light in the dark, being salty, and perhaps making the gospel attractive for it’s own sake, not for my popularity.


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