I wonder if I’m starting to idolise days off, because I love them so much. Even though we’ve all had a short week (because of Easter), it’s still felt like a tiring and not very productive week.

I worked both Saturday and Sunday last week and got some things done, but never as much as I planned or hoped to. I was blessed to spend time with family and friends on the public holidays, and have Tuesday to do errands (though again, I feel like I got no work done). Wednesday was a full day MYC planning meeting, which left me exhausted, from talking to people and working through a lot of material. Thursday and Friday at the disability centre (while clients were on “school” holidays) were long and slow and again made me wonder how long I’d be in the industry.

But days off… I never get over them. I’m one of those people who, when the school holidays were drawing to a close and most students were bored and itching for some structure, I could always keep myself entertained. I’m very much looking forward to eternal rest (though I understand I probably won’t be doing much craft or watching Castle).

This is my day so far:

egg and soldiers, inspired by Sarah šŸ™‚

on a gorgeous day, where trackies are not going to cut it…

but distracting Henry with his own food only lasts so long. He eats so fast you can hear him burp.

He seems to like licking sharp things (he’d already tried licking the inside of the can of food).

Time for some sewing and dodgy button holes.

And some quilling birthday cards.

I know that some can’t stand this kind of fiddly work, but for an insight into my brain, family and personality, I find it utterly relaxing and could sit on my floor and make things for days on end. Perhaps some of you will reap the fruits of my hobbies šŸ™‚


2 thoughts on “Relaxing

  1. Quilling is so cool and such an art!!!!! my sister used to do it all the time. Then, 2 girls i used to teach at kids church won prizes at the easter show for their quilling! I’m not talented in this area… but i do enjoy paper crafts nonetheless and wish i could create for days on end!

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