Changing seasons

In the last week we’ve had weather hotter than summer, and coldest since last October. This crispy weather means (feel free to add to this list):

  • breaking out the hot water bottle, extra blankets, slippers and heaters

Yes, I do wear these outside. So classy.

  • bins full of used tissues and breathing through your mouth
  • hot baths

Reading by candle light.

  • cracked fingers and lips
  • Henry getting confused about when dinner is because it gets dark so early
  • resizing engagement ring again! We’re pretty much getting into children’s sizes now.

Rainbow this morning – did it even rain last night?


3 thoughts on “Changing seasons

  1. I’m enjoying the crispness in the air. Found my ugg boots last night.

    When Izaac ordered my engagement ring, they told him that he must have made a mistake with the sizing because the size he was ordering was a child’s size! I have tiny fingers too!

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