Thank you Lord


Things I’ve been thankful for in the last week:

– the sky looks pretty awesome today. It’s always cool to be reminded: God made that.

– I met some of Jeh’s colleagues at a lawyer dinner last week, which I was a little nervous about. We were placed at a table with some really lovely and fun couples, so I think I could look forward to those in the future.

– we had a few friends around on the weekend to celebrate our engagement. Thankful for them, and for Jeh’s mum who hosted and worked really hard.

– still thankful for our engagement and really looking forward to October!

– my birthday is close to some of my work friends’ birthdays, so it’s a lovely excuse to catch up with them and treat ourselves to a nice lunch.

– I’m really enjoying reading the bible with the girls at uni; I shall be attempting to pull together a lot of the things I’ve been learning, encouraged and rebuked by in later posts.


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