A day in the life of uni student ministry


6:30am – Hit snooze

7am – Breakfast, cup of tea, reading Isaiah 19-20, shower, potter

10am – Meet student leader to catch up, pray and read Matthew 2, which she led her first study on today – girls were challenged to live in light of Jesus’ return!

11am – Meet with the second year Speechies in a tute room, pray for our churches and try to understand Matthew 2 together.

12pm – Meet second year Medical Radiation Science girls (MRS), find a lecture room, pray for uni’s around Australia, try to understand Matthew 2. At ten to, students start heading into lecture room for the lecture, we leave and pray outside in response to the passage. Need to find a better location!

1pm – Head back to Bon’s to do some prep for Monday night training, called Prepared To Serve (PTS)

4pm – Meet other student leader, catch up, pray and read Proverbs together – challenged to be more intentional about how we speak, to build others up.

5pm – PTS Common Hour – 35 students gather together in Bon’s back room to think about eschatology (end times) and ethics.

6pm – PTS Training Groups – lead a group of first time student leaders in thinking about growth groups and what the bible says about being a leader.

7pm – Dinner with students, eating mashed potato and sausage curry standing up (there are enough chairs), got paid out for standing on my tiptoes whilst talking to tall physios guys.

8pm – drive home, watch some Castle, get into bed, get distracted by one to ones I need to book in. Read the Iliad to clear my mind and fall asleep.


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