I’m a trainee

Sometimes I forget this, thinking I’m just a normal staff with the Christian group. Those thoughts come with feeling like I’m meant to know how to do everything I’m responsible for and do it well, or be way ahead in terms of thinking about the bible, God and Christian service (when really, I’m only a few years beyond the older students).

So it’s helpful that the AFES have a new syllabus for trainees, which we’ve essentially been working through, just not explicitly. It means there’s a bit more paperwork in terms of evaluating our progress, but also more intention in making sure we are progressing in certain things. It’s also a reassuring reminder that I’m not going to be awesome at everything, which is really something all Christians should be reassured of, because we are weak.

So, I thought I’d share some of the things I’ll be thinking about/working on, because I’ll probably share about those things here later. Some are things I’m already doing:

  • practicing thankfulness (and encouraging others too) by sharing blog reflections
  • book reviews – particularly on suffering and guidance (separately)
  • reading Isaiah, Matthew, Ezra, 1 John and Titus, in quiet times, with groups and individuals
  • working on courage to have hard conversations and holding firmly to the truth
  • training others
  • doing walk-up evangelism
  • exercising (we have to make this a goal because otherwise we feel like we have no time, and for me, I usually can’t be bothered, so I have to make a special effort) – for me, pilates
  • making more effort in various relationships
  • thinking about marriage!

There are about three pages of goals, but hopefully that gives you a little picture of what I’ll be working on for my own growth. Perhaps I will share a picture of my day next week.


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