Beauty in a fallen world

I think in the new heaven, people won’t be affected by disabilities. It can be really hard for those with disabilities, and sometimes even more so for their family and carers (particularly when one of the disabilities is intellectual).

Today, though, two highlights, as I watched two clients enjoy the simple things in life:

  • My friend Jen and I were belting out a bit of Shania Twain with the radio and we noticed the biggest smile I have ever seen on A. He’s a man who I have never quite been able to work out,  even after working with him for two years. He doens’t really engage in much, and usually the thing he seems to enjoy most is stealing other people’s food and enjoying his victory. We’re not sure if he was smiling because he thought we were awesome singers, or if he just thought we were fools.
  • S has autism and needs people to be very unimposing with him. If you offer him a drink, you leave it nearby without putting it too close to him in case he feels forced to drink it. So watching him investigate his chocolate milkshake, and then large coke with ice, is quite fun. First, he looks at it, closes his eyes with a smile and inclines his head toward it. He might giggle a bit, close his eyes again, lean close to you, then the drink. Then he’ll tentatively hold the cup, move it slightly closer, and let go, closing his eyes again. When he finally takes the plunge and picks it up, being very deliberate as he closes his lips over the straw, and closes his eyes again as he savours every sip. And giggles a bit more. It went to a whole other level when he was munching on his ice!

My job is really awesome sometimes.


4 thoughts on “Beauty in a fallen world

  1. The second man you mention reminded me of what I was learning about today; mindfulness. That is, slowing right down and taking note of everything around you – sounds, smells, sights. You can also do it with your food, savoy ring each bite and noting the texture, temperature, sounds it makes as you chew it up and swallow…

  2. Yeah, how often do we really slow down and pay attention? It’s really quite refreshing when you do. I wonder if that is part of rest, as well. Just stopping and savouring. The world tries to move too fast, to do and experience more, when really we don’t notice anything, and for what?

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