The Bible on your iphone

We’re studying Philippians together as a church this term; we decided to do the same for the youth bible studies. So I had the brilliant idea of doing a study just on the context of the letter. It turns out kids (aged 12-14) have a lot of trouble grasping the concept and don’t get the significance of the context. I figure that’s okay, it’s not a total failure, we’re building the foundation they’ll need as they grow up.

One of the questions I asked about their personal bible reading was “how do you work out how to apply it?” Most of them use an aid of some kind, either in their bible, a book, or an iphone app.

Which worries me a little, because the particular app the girls are using is one that gives a realistic life situation and then gives them a bible verse that seems to go with it. Not that there’s anything wrong with that; Christians do that all the time to be encouraged or rebuked in certain situations they’re in, and it’s right to be informed by the bible first.

But I’m just a bit skeptical about the source. Who chooses these verses? Are they in context (and the girls would have no idea how to tell – perhaps this is something I should help them to think about, too)? And I don’t think that one verse counts as “I’ve read my bible today.”

I think I will stop there before I start ranting about preachers who pick and choose verses and make them say what they want them to say…


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