It was kind of one of those mornings, where I woke up and just wanted to stay in bed (I blame the weather), my family tried talking to me before I’d really woken up (watch out, I bite), and it was my first day back after my supervisor had left. I don’t like not knowing what to expect (they call that a “low-abiguity-tolerance”) in terms of the new supervisor and which client I would work with (some are more draining than others).

So when I arrived to work and sat in my car (I get there early to read my bible), I just prayed. Just for strength to be godly and loving.

It turned out that I had the most draining client, which was okay, considering. The most pleasant surprise was that the staff member I got to spend the day with is a Christian! She was really excited to hear about the work I do in sharing the gospel with uni students and encouraging Christian students (she actually asked where to sign up).

And she shared her testimony with me. I’m not one to get overly excited about, well, anything really, but sometimes I wonder if I should be more excited about Jesus – she got goosebumps just telling me her story, actually she self-corrected to “reality” because it’s not just a story. She is super excited about Jesus and loves to talk about how much she loves him and all he’s done for her. So refreshing and uplifting and encouraging!

* As opposed to Monday-itis, because I only work actual hours at an actual workplace on Thursday and Friday (working from home doesn’t really feel like work, more like doing homework).


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