This is familiar

So, I was going to keep it a secret, but a post on the parenting blog reminded me of some of my more interesting days as a Community Support Worker. I almost shuddered.

Part of my job is to help clients eat their lunch. For a couple of clients, this means just helping them open things and letting them do the rest. They get a bit of a head start, and usually you get to eat with them.

But they finish first. And then they want to leave. If you don’t leave immediately, you could be looking at some interesting behaviours. It’s usually when you’re in a restaurant or cafe. And you’ve ordered a coffee, which you’re not finished yet. You stall while you ask the waiter for a take-away cup for your coffee (I hate wasting food).

I always knew this job would begin to prepare me for motherhood. After reading this blog, though, I’m a little bit scared of it.

Now there are rats making a lot of noise in our jungle of a garden. And Henry is not big enough to be a mouser (I don’t even know where he is). That’s it; I’m going inside.


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