One thing at a time

Despite what we like to think, multi-tasking does not make you more efficient. Starting a task and working on it until it is finished is. The problem is, I have the same philosophy in my procrastination techniques.

Today, I stayed home because I didn’t want to go out to the library/church in the heat. So instead of getting much needed work done, I managed to sort through boxes of kitchen stuff, culling, rearranging, taking items from our never-used collections, writing lists of things I need for when we move out.

Then I continued reading a blog which a friend of mine recommended to me (you know who you are) and it is so funny and engaging that I feel like I have to read all of it before I can get anything else done (apart from complaining on my blog about my lack of ability to get things done).

I came outside to the veranda to get some things done in the relative cool (it’s still kind of warm, but less so than in the house). Part of me wishes the wireless didn’t reach this far.  I’m not sure how long I’ll be out here, though; bugs keep landing on me.

PS. If you actually have the time to waste, feel free to ask about the blog I’m reading. I’m just trying to save you the lost time. But it really is hilarious (particularly if you are a mother).


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