Support plug

Yesterday I had the chance to visit all of our church services to do a little interview/announcement to gather support for my continued role at Cumberland this year. I always feel a bit awkward about asking for help, particularly for money, but it’s part of the training, learning how to humbly rely on God and his people for my needs and asking them to be faithful in supporting his work in particular ministries.

A few things stood out from yesterday:

– going to three services and sharing the Lord’s supper with all the congregations was pretty cool, being united with the whole church in “proclaiming the Lord’s death until he returns.” What a cool privilege.
– I also got to spend time with people from all the congregations; it was really nice to go to the earliest service and chat to my older and wiser brothers and sisters in Christ.
– hearing the sermon three times means that I still remember what it was about; I usually don’t take it in that well, but that’s why I take notes. What I need to do is read them again, perhaps use them during the week to aid my quiet times.
– God provides in unexpected ways; at one service, a lady who I’ve never met promised to support me this year.
– I’ve realised I need to exercise more or climb more stairs because my calves hurt from standing on my tip-toes for those three announcements.
– My respect for the ministers and student ministers has grown (it was already high) in appreciating just how tiring a whole day of church is. And my usual evening service isn’t even on this month (though Jeh and I had a lunch with a friend and then I went to band practice and learnt how to use a sound-desk, so it was a bit of a full-on day anyway).

Please join me in praising God for the people he has provided to support me, and also pray that he would continue to provide more people to provide for my needs this year in my second year.


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