One day at Beach mission

Visiting the Beach Mission I’ve been going to for the last 10 years was harder than I thought it would be. At one level, I felt pretty at home – everything was set up as it should be, people were doing the usual things you do on a night off (though no Tenoccer* was a bit disappointing), and there were familiar faces.

It was the unfamiliar faces that kind of made it hard, simply because I take a while to warm up to people. But once I met them properly and got to chat to them (particularly the girls), I was so very encouraged. Then it became hard not being there to grow with the new team, and harder still knowing that it is unlikely I’ll be able to go next year (though the year after is looking good).

I was able to sit in on their evening debrief, as well, and hear about the exiting things God was doing at Shellharbour. So here are some things to praise God for:

– For the faithful servants on the team, old and new, and their different gifts. There were no issues on team, either; the team was united and had a great time getting to know and living with each other.
– For the many children who came to section times (the leaders were overrun!)
– For one lady who had many conversations with various members of the team – she became a Christian!
– For a conversation I had with H, a girl I met last year – she became a Christian last year through the mission and is still going! So encouraging to hear of her thankfulness to God and for her desire to live a life pleasing to him.

* Tenoccer is a game played on a tennis court with an oversized tennis ball, using volley ball rules but with your feet. Unfortunately, this year there was a 7pm curfew on ball games at the church,  so it was not as much a part of the beach mission culture as it usually is.


4 thoughts on “One day at Beach mission

  1. Ally I just adore you! And I pray that you and Jeh just have the most beautiful life together, united in Christ. I’ll be waiting for your return to beach mission very, very impatiently!

  2. Oh beachie, it was good you could go for a day. I haven’t been back for like 3 years.
    Congrats again on your engagement! I hopefully will be able to give you a massive hug very soon. You deserve so much happiness. Love you!

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