Lifted – Sam Allberry

I had been meaning to read this last year (since I borrowed it from a friend about 8 months ago). I finally finished it (since another friend borrowed it an finished it in about 2 days)!

In Lifted – Experiencing the Resurrection Life, Allberry talks about four implications of the doctrine of the resurrection of Jesus: Assurance, Transformation, Hope, and Mission; each has a chapter. Having started this shortly before NTE and my preparation for leading a strand on the resurrection, it was really helpful to see that the things that Allberry wrote throughout his book were based in much biblical research (obviously, but it’s nice to see where, and always cool to see how much work goes into each little point). It was also really helpful for me, as I delved quite deeply into my own preparation to summarise and pull things together by reading a bit more of Lifted.

It’s a very easy read, yet there is so much in it that I imagine I will need to buy it and read it again. He’s very engaging in the way that he writes, with really helpful illustrations and simple explanations for some quite big themes. It’s really a good book for anyone to read, whether you’ve been a Christian for most of your life (like me, yet I still was blown away and challenged about the kind of impact the resurrection has on my life), new believer or unbeliever. It’s full of the truth of the gospel, so it’s a wonderful reminder of what God has done for us in Christ and the impact that should have in our personal godliness and how we relate to others and unbelievers (in terms of sharing the great news).

Highly recommended!


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