Every now and then I pick a rather random and obscure movie to hire, and more often than not, it turns out to be awesome.

Adam is not really what you expect – the blurb and cover don’t really give anything away, which is fine, because then it’s a bit of a pleasant surprise. It’s a romance, between a brilliant yet socially awkward guy, Adam (Hugh Dancy – I’d never heard of him, but he’s fantastic), and an out going girl, Beth (Rose Byrne). It wasn’t really clear, but later in the movie you discover that Adam has Asberger’s syndrome (on the autism spectrum, but high functioning). We watched the deleted scenes and it’s unfortunate they weren’t included, because they clue you in sooner and it all makes much more sense. (It also helped that I just finished reading a book called “the curious cade of the dog in the night time”, written from the perspective of a boy with autism, very insightful, I also recommend it.)

Anyway, great movie. The cinematography was lovely, the acting was excellent, the plot was really interesting, and I’ll be buying the soundtrack. It also had some really good things to say, about bridging the gap between “NT’s” (“neuro-typicals”) and people with developmental disabilities, and about love (Beth’s mother gives her some advise, saying, “feeling love is important, but loving is what really matters”, which reminds me of the kind of love often plugged in the bible, which is not just a feeling but what you do for the sake of someone else).

Go see it! 4.5/5 stars.


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