NTE highlights – the last day

– Leading a strand group with Dan was pretty great. It’s probably the reason I wasn’t nervous at all about leading, because I knew that he had it covered if got lost, and also because we had lead a little bit together before. We gave each other pats on the back for our good team work and thanked God for the awesome group of students we had the privilege to lead. They worked really hard to grow in their understanding of resurrection in the bible, especially when they were tired; I learned as much from them as they did from us. They worked really well together, too.

– H, the girl from China I sat with the other night, shared how she became a Christian (she was interviewed up the front) – a couple of students who were on their post-NTE mission, knocked on her door, ended up talking about Genesis and she eventually became a Christian. What a great encouragement for the students who were about to go out and do more door knocking.

– Richard Chin finished up the talk series looking back to Christ in whom we are in – I think I will spend a bit more time in Colossians.


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