NTE Highlights – Day 4

– Singing songs of praise to God which remind us of Scripture.

– The pleasant surprise, after being warned that you don’t usually see people you know at NTE (because there are so many people), of seeing several of my friends several times during this week.

– Going to Act Now, another room designed specifically to help us think and pray more widely, about child soldiers and HIV in Africa (photo below, the “clinic” where you read the story of a young boy whose family is killed and who contracts HIV), gospel work in Zimbabwe and bible translation (into Pitjantjara) work in remote indigenous communities in Australia. Gets me thinking…

– Watching a traditional dance from Tonga and hearing about a new conference in Fiji for Christian students in the Pacific (that’s us too! Can I go?)

– A student telling me that I’m always so calm and collected and chilled out, and that I remind him of a nun.

– Again being challenged to give up my ambitions for a career and do ministry full time, to live and die for the salvation of others and to please Jesus, not myself. Need to keep thinking and praying about this.

– Being reminded that, to be a Christian without connecting with the body of believers is not understanding who you are in Christ or that God has given you gifts to serve the body. Don’t underestimate the encouragement that actually turning up and being attentive is to the body, particularly the preacher.

– Being rebuked that the way that we treat the body of Christ (other believers) is how we treat Christ – I’d never made the connection in Acts 9:4 that when Jesus speaks to Paul from heaven and asks “Why are you persecuting me?”, when Paul had been persecuting Christians, it showed the union between the risen Christ and believers.


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