NTE Highlights – Day 3

I hit the wall on day 3 – so ridiculously tired after a few intense days of full programs, lots of bible teaching and hard thinking, meeting lots of people and uncomfortable beds.

This is where we eat lunch. It’s so big that people look tiny on the other side of the room.

But there are still many highlights:

– I still love hearing from Phillip Jensen; his talks are always so biblically rich, conbined with many years of wisdom as a Christian and anecdotes (I love hearing about generational gaps, and he isn’t afraid to offend people if the truth needs to be said). Yesterday he reminded us that being “in Christ” means that we are freed from death, sin, the devil, unbelief, etc, and freed, not to autonomy (because that is still being enslaved by sin) but freed to slavery to Christ and righteousness and obedience.

– Rory Shiner reminded us that being “in Christ”, and being freed from sin, means that we should no longer live to sin, it is our master no longer, and that we should live as who we are in reality – we have been raised with Christ, we have new life, spiritual life, and so we should live as such. We are no longer our own, but redeemed and ransomed by the blood of Jesus and raised by his resurrection; we belong to him.

– Although it’s tiring meeting new people, I had lunch with W, a man from PNG. It’s cool hearing what life and Christianity is like in other countries. It’s his first time in Australia, and so far he is really enjoying it, particularly learning a lot about the bible.

– We had campus time yesterday, preparing the Scripture seminars the students and staff will be leading while on mission in Berry. Then we went to some Lake (the one with the big fountain in the middle, I can’t remember what it’s called) and flew kites, rolled down hills, and played ultimate frisbee, ninja and pipecleaner pictionary. Christians are dorks, but at least we have fun!


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